$avvy – “Bag/Purse” (Official Video)

$avvy comes to Nashville by way of Huntsville, AL and California; a mixture of habitations that has yielded both a unique sound and perspective in his creations. His latest single, “Bag/Purse”, came out in May of 2020 but got the official music video treatment at the tail end of July; giving new life to the track.

Directed by Seck and featuring Mike Floss, the piece is more evidence of the music video renaissance we mentioned on the “Highs and Lows” video from Jordan XX (also directed by Seck; which is no coincidence). $avvy finds himself in the thrift store, calmly delivering his visceral verses putting a hater in their place. According to this Respect Mag interview, this exact scenario served as the inspiration for the song in the first place.

$avvy: “Honestly, the spark came from this guy who was also an artist and constantly hating on every single little thing I was doing. One time I was at Goodwill, and I posted a picture with this new tote, I had purchased, and he swiped up and asked “n***a are you wearing a purse?” So from there, it was kind of destiny once I heard the beat. Shout out to Unhappy Hank and Ohdee for the production and shout out to the guy who was on my a** all first semester! You made a hit homie.”

While the original culprit may have just been trolling $avvy, it does speak to an undercurrent of homophobia that can run rampant in our country. Fortunately, $avvy and Floss weren’t apprehensive at directly replying to that confrontation.

At the end of the day, the track and video combined are just an undeniable joy. It’s an earworm of a track that only gets better watching the thrift store scenes play out over and over. Long story short: both deserve your adoption into heavy rotation.