Kentucky Derby Con Man – Kentucky Derby Con Man

Short review extracted from our July 6th Open Tabs Rundown of recent releases.

Self-described as “experimental shoegaze,” Kentucky Derby Con Man is a somewhat new outfit around town and their debut, self-titled, EP delivers on that promise. The five song release is a big wall of sound, fuzzed out in all the right ways that you’d hope for a shoegaze record to be but it sprinkles in plenty of surprising instrumentation and flourishes that you wouldn’t generally hear from a “stock” shoegaze release. Having listened through a few times, this is best experienced with your volume knob cranked as far as it will go.

All of the music we feature on We Own This Town is meant to shine a light on the diversity of the Nashville music scene but it bears repeating here; this is big, immersive, shoegaze coming out of “Music City” and it is good. If this band doesn’t play a show with Tape Deck Mountain, something is wrong with the world.

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