Jonie – “All the Time”

Back in November 2019, Jonie reset all his social accounts and started promoting a new EP on the horizon for January 2020. The producer / alt-pop musician has made good on that promise by releasing the first of the three tracks in the form of “All the Time,” now streaming on all the obvious platforms with the second two songs coming at the end of the month.

There’s plenty to say about the blossoming Nashville Pop Scene (much of which is far better articulated by several articles over at The Scene) but I’d surmise that Jonie sits on the fringes of that scene. As exemplified by this newest track, he composes highly infectious tracks filled with joyous samples and danceable beats in a manner that you would completely expect from a “Pop” artist but he subverts that backdrop with a vocal track cut with sincere melancholy, both lyrically and melodically. Surprisingly, this functions as a means of empowering the tracks emotional impact, rather than detracting from the feel good feeling.

Jonie has had a steady stream of singles trickling out since 2017 but a more cohesive grouping of them has been rare; if not non-existent. “All the Time” is just the first peek at a more cohesive whole to be released before the end of the month and I, for one, couldn’t be more excited to hear how they all work together.

The EP release will be celebrated over at Tempo Coffee on Nolensville Road on January 18th with Patzy. Tickets are available now.