Freak Daddy – “Understand (How Bout No) [The DM Song]”

“Hi, do you send nudes?” is a helluva way to start a conversation but, sadly, probably not an altogether rare one for anyone using a social network capable of Direct Messages. Local EDM and Pop artist Freak Daddy recently encountered this exact conversation (coupled with an additionally disparaging follow-up) but decided to make something great out of this overstepping, rude and downright facepalming human behavior.

Understand (How Bout No)” is the full-fledged track and music video based on a prior TikTok video calling out the DM sendee. The video is set in Freak Daddy’s hotel room with some ridiculous dance moves and direct-to-camera mugging, coupled with footage from a recent photo shoot with Jess Williams. Everything about the offering is filled with levity, unbridled optimism and a confidently defiant message – a sort of rallying anthem for the denial of such lurid behavior. The chorus asks “why do humans still do this?” – a question that is unfortunately impossible to answer but at least Freak Daddy provides a means to empower those that are subject to these requests.

Until recently, I was among the uninitiated to the works of Freak Daddy but this song served as a fantastic gateway to several other catchy tunes done in a wide variety of styles and an Instagram account and podcast (Impurity) that regularly speak on topics generally seen as taboo in the South (i.e. gender identity, atheism, mental health). In this case, ignorance was certainly not bliss.