Glisster – TOY

Truth be told, there’s not a lot to know about Glisster just yet. However, what is known sets the stage for a rather exciting future. The project is the pseudonym of Brandon Highfill, a collaborative project bring in a host of additional musicians including Pat Sansone of Wilco, Carson Cody, Gavin Schriver, Ben Stix and Miqui Gutierrez. While Sansone certainly carries the most recognizable weight in that list, every individual contributor is clearly bringing their A game.

The debut offering, a double single entitled TOY, consists of an ambient opening track flowing directly into a bombastic krautrock jam brimming with falsetto vocals and blaring saxophones. A debut this strong is a real testament to the experience of the entire group of musicians. It’s a nod to familiar genres while staying entirely unique to itself. Frankly, it’s been on heavy rotation ever since we stumbled on it.

Since this is the debut release, there’s really no predicting what future tracks may sound like. It could continue down the path of All Krautrock All The Time (more than acceptable in my opinion) or it could veer into two minute Power Pop Gems (also intriguing). Regardless of where it goes, Glisster has our full attention.

Follow the project on Bandcamp, @glisstermusic on Instagram, Spotify, and other streaming services.

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