Eve Maret and David Onri Anderson – Eve and David 1

Electronic musician Eve Maret came on our radar back in 2017 with the release of No More Running, a hypnotic track mixing ambient, beats and melancholy vocoder. In 2020, the mesmerizing Stars Aligned full-length was released and expanded Maret’s palette into full-on dance, glitch and just the right dose of 80’s electronic pop production. In the two years since that release there have been several more single releases, contributions to compilations and performances at the likes of the Big Ears Festival. All that to say, Maret continues to keep busy.

The latest offering from that realm comes in the form of Eve and David 1, a full-length collaboration album with multi-disciplinary artist David Onri Anderson. The resulting seven compositions tackle new territory for Maret (and presumably Anderson) by embracing long form hypnotic loops that ebb and flow between soothingly subtle and frantically sprawling. All together, they form a soundscape best experienced at rest; taking the listener on a journey from one movement to the next.

The title of this endeavor insinuates that this is the first of many collaborations to come. There’s no predicting what influences will seep in to future endeavors but it’s clear that these two working together push each others boundaries to experiment and expand. It’s refreshing to hear new music from an artist we already have a dedicated following for bring in new ideas, new creators for us to be aware of and new sounds to absorb. Here’s to a hopeful release of Eve and David 2 in the not-too-distant future.

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