Gee Slab & Top Prospekt – “Garnett” (Official Video)

Short review extracted from our July 6th Open Tabs Rundown of recent releases.

Gee Slab has been undeniably prolific as of late! Hot on the heels of his collaborative EP with Negro Justice, Resplendent, he’s also released his own solo EP Because I Can, a solo single entitled “Younng Blvck Gifted” and full feature with Top Prospekt entitled “Garnett.” We’ve gone with the video embed for the purposes of this post but you really can’t go wrong with clicking through on any / all of the releases.

The video follows Slab on an adventure through LA visiting dispensaries, performing live and generally living the life. The track is laid back and lays a funky space for Slab and Prospekt’s flow to shine.

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