Fetching Pails – “Shearer” (Official Video)

Fetching Pails is the solo endeavor of Jill Townsend. You may recall her presence in the band Nightblonde, or Murfreesboro’s Bent Fur, or lighting up the stage during a New Year’s Eve recreation of the Rocky Horror Picture Show at The End. She’s performed in numerous outings but Fetching Pails debut, Telekinesis for Beginners, is all her own. She played every instrument on the record (save a few) and produced and recorded it as well. Oh, and she did all of the artwork as well. It’s safe to say that Fetching Pails is an intensely personal undertaking.

We are happy to premiere the album’s lead track and official video for “Shearer.” The song features a cacophony of exploding drums layered with shoegaze guitar strikes, all wrapped in Townsend’s airy vocals pondering the possibilities of the future. It’s fitting that the single art for this track features a faceless character making their way through the Looking Glass; an appropriate nod to the unknown.

The video features Townsend meandering around a small town enjoying some Fall activities; ostensibly just a pleasant romp through Anywhere, USA. However, there are several nods throughout the video that suggest something otherworldly underneath the surface; a rack of Halloween masks, an empty church, a graveyard exploration, a notecard with a ghoulish message and a masked figure. Maybe this is all part of exploring the dots on the map but it’s possible that Townsend is an apparition that walks among us. Just a theory.

Telekinesis for Beginners is set for released on Nov 2nd, with a release show at the East Room on Nov 8th. The album is available for pre-order now.

Fetching Pails is a yk Records artist, a small indie label run by the same folks that run We Own This Town.