Black Market – Ghostbusters

It’s officially October, which means it’s time to break let the anxiety begin of deciding which party you’re going to attend at the end of the month and settle on exactly how clever your costume is going to be. It also means it’s socially acceptable to finally break out that neglected playlist of Halloween music you’ve been curating for the past 11 months.

One addition you should take into serious consideration is this Ghostbusters EP from Black Market, a Nashville mashup artist known for taking popular entities and reworking them into surprisingly pleasing Dub versions. Truth be told, there’s much in his discography that would work for this particular holiday season – Stranger Things Dub, “Thriller” Dub, Twin Peaks Dub or The Twilight Zone – but if there can only be one selection to emerge from the pile, let it be Ghostbusters.

The EP is just four tracks but he manages to squeeze in Ray Parker Jr, tons of clips from the entire Ghostbusters crew, just enough Zuul and the right balance of creepy crawly instrumentation. Plus, it’s Dub so it’s inherently laid back and chill; not an overly doom-and-gloom undertaking. It’s Halloween for those that like to kick back, open up a bag of miscellaneous bulk candy and have a relaxed good time.