Eve Maret – “Pink Ray” (Official Video)

The rumors are true, Eve Maret has packed up and moved to Oakland, CA for further studies. While that would generally make any new music emanations ineligible for We Own This Town coverage, we can’t help but make an exception. As co-founder of Hyasynth House and progenitor of the most excellent No More Running, our cold hearts have softened to the rules.

With that in mind, we’re overjoyed and flattered to bring you the debut of the official music video for “Pink Ray“, the ninth track off of the Deluxe Edition of the aforementioned No More Running. As with the rest of the album, the choice of instrumentation that Maret employs quickly conjures a journey into the outer realms; a meditative journey into space. Were this paired with footage from 2001 or any blackhole sequence from your favorite sci-fi, you’d feel right at home.

Which is exactly what makes this official video so compelling, as these celestial sounds are paired with visuals grounded firmly here on terra firma. While the vocoded vocals express affirmations of embracing your true self and accepting love, a dancer free forms their way through a dead-end street, unleashing unbridled jumps and twirls along the way.

You could easily look at this and simply see a video of someone goofing around, a silly video of ballet moves in front of the occasional trash can. However, I implore you to drop your cynicism for a roughly five minutes and enjoy a song of love and acceptance and allowing yourself to be free. In other words, don’t just listen to the song, take its message to heart.