Adrienne Franke – Falling Leaves (OST)

Back on Episode 148 of the WOTT Music podcast, we featured the track “Plans to Save” from Adrienne Franke. The piece was taken from a Belcourt performance put on by the Hyasynth House that paired local electronic musicians with silent films; allowing them provide an original score to the pieces (see also: AIR’s Le voyage dans la lune or Coupler’s Dragnet Girl score). Franke’s particular pieces went along with Alice Guy Blaché’s Falling Leaves.

As the original film is roughly 12 minutes long, “Plans to Save” is only one movement in a larger suite of songs. Franke has announced that the entire performance will be available on August 23rd and can be pre-ordered now.

Not having been at the original performance, it’s difficult to speak to what the other three tracks will sound like but “Plans to Save” has been in regular rotation since its initial discovery, so it’s safe to assume the rest will be a continuing treat.