The Features – Still Lost Volume 1

The Features
Still Lost. Volume 1: Demos, Outtakes and Alternate Versions
Free Download

I can think of no better band to have a b-sides & rarities compilation than The Features. To my knowledge, they have at least three full-length records that have never officially seen the light of day. So, it’s just sensible to mine that wealth of goods and put together packages of tracks that many people may not have heard. The first volume is available as a free download and, I’m told, will be available as a free promotional 12″ when the band re-releases Wilderness this summer (this time with legit distribution).

The craziest part about this gathering of random tracks is that it shows how strong the band is at their craft. Even their throwaway songs are great. If you’ve never heard “Take You On” or “Kari-Anne” I would suggest ceasing all other browsing activities immediately and going to get it.

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