Tea Time with Whoa Dakota

If you’re not familiar with Whoa Dakota take a moment to go listen to her 2018 album Patterns. It’s a fascinating pop record driven by Jesse Ott’s emotive vocal performance and consists of instrumentation choices that are surprising at every turn. For instance, “Clarity” starts as a mournful track with a banjo-esque guitar loop that slowly morphs into an optimistically triumphant rallying cry filled with swirling, morphing, what-the-fuck-was-that wall of sound. Long story short, you should hear it.

Aside from making compelling and interesting music, she has also launched a new YouTube series entitled Tea Time with Whoa Dakota in which she sits down with various musicians and discusses their journey, their struggles, their advice or whatever else seems compelling. The first episode is now available and features a chat with Tuxedo Wildlife. You can watch it in the embed above.

You can read more about the project over on B-Sides and Badlands or just simply tune in to the show on the Whoa Dakota YouTube channel.