Introducing Momcult

Happy to announce a new podcast to the We Own This Town roster – Momcult. Hosts Joy Todd and Sarah H. Parker Masse will be joined by various Mom guests to discuss the difficulties (and joys) of parenthood. To put it more directly, here’s our official show summary:

There is a perfect example of motherhood out there. We’ve all felt its presence. It lingers in our social media feed, in the products we buy, the answers to the questions we research. Even though we know it’s not real, we feel it spotlight what we could be doing better. Join two best friends as they step off the stage of motherhood and go behind the scenes with moms from different walks of life. The Momcult Podcast: Real moms. Real talk. Real tired.*

The first episode will be officially released on Wednesday, September 8th but, in the meantime, we suggest you go follow @momcultpodcast over on Instagram so you don’t miss an update.

Dad’s welcome.

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