Evan P Donohue launches Page of Wands Kickstarter

If you don’t know Evan P Donohue, you’re about to be in for a treat. His 2010 full-length Rhythm & Amplitude and the 2014 follow-up Stairway to Evan are expertly crafted pop rock records that are immediately catchy but uniquely delivered. The styles play on familiar tropes like 70’s power pop or R&B grooves but layer on arrangements that reward multiple listens.

The third full-length from Donohue will be entitled Page of Wands if he’s able to successfully fund this Kickstarter. The accompanying video pitch with the project runs through a brief history of Donohue’s experiences and his gameplan for finishing tracking, mixing, mastering and producing the vinyl. All told, he’s seeking less than $6,000 to wrap everything up; including adding four songs to the ten they’ve already captured.

You can back the project here and check out the extended version of Donohue’s history in the ‘Campaign’ section. He’s offering pre-orders of the LP, cassettes of b-sides and demos and even a hand-painted Mandala if you’re so inclined. His track record has been solid thus far, so it certainly seems like a worthwhile investment.