D. Striker takes the RR Party Online

For the past 22 years, crooner D. Striker has thrown a party on every Friday the 13th called The RR Party. He performs live and releases a unique zine created specifically for the event. If you aren’t familiar with his music, watch this video for “Take Time With The Road” – a fine example of his well balanced R&B Classic Country style that’s always a little bit serious and a little bit silly (at the very least, please watch these windmill dance moves). It’s Entertainment, pure and simple.

In the wake of the recent coronavirus concerns, The 5 Spot has closed its doors for a month to help maintain a sensible, healthy, community. While we support that move, it unfortunately has led to the cancellation of the D. Striker RR Party set to take place on Friday the 13th.

Fortunately, breaking his 22-year streak of performances is simply not in the cards for D. Striker. He will broadcast on DStriker.com and Facebook Live at 8pm CT, backed by members of Ole Mossy Face.

The full announcement is pasted below. We may be quarantined to social distancing but we can all come together for a celebration of D. Striker’s ongoing streak.

For 22 years I’ve published a country music zine called RR every Friday the 13th. For almost as many years, new issues of RR have been celebrated with an event called the RR Party. The 03/13/2020 issue of RR has been printed, numbered and it’s ready for distribution.

However, the RR Party scheduled for The 5 Spot will not proceed as planned. The venue is doing the community a service by closing its doors until the COVID-19 virus is under control. This tough decision was made in the wake of the venue reopening following the destructive Super Tuesday tornado that tore through East Nashville on March 3. The 5 Spot holds a special place in our hearts. That’s where we’ve had countless good times and the venue has hosted the RR Party several times, too. We encourage everyone to donate to a GoFundMe that’s been set-up with funds going to keep the The 5 Spot afloat, its staff who rely on the money they make at the club to pay their bills and ~150 bands with canceled shows. We look forward to returning to The 5 Spot stage when the venue opens its doors again.

In the meantime, the show must go on! We’re keeping the streak alive—playing a show every Friday the 13th. So at 8p CT on 3/13, there will be an RR Party live stream beamed across the Internet featuring a D. Striker performance backed by long-time collaborators Ole Mossy Face. Keep an eye on the D. Striker Facebook page and this website. I’m grateful for the generous help of some friends (Ole Mossy Face, Thomas Petillo, Doug Lehmann, Brandes Holcomb) to keep this every-Friday-the-13th tradition alive. Stay home, stay safe, tune in and turn it up! Next time we see each other in person, I’ll have a copy of RR to give you then.