Cold Lunch Recordings launches On Tape series

Cold Lunch Recordings has always been more than just a record label. It’s true that they do release a great deal of wonderful music – most recently from the likes of Rose Hotel, Volunteer Department and Full Mood – but that’s only a portion of what they’re up to. In the pre-COVID times, they booked a great deal of individual shows and put on festivals like Spewfest and Bobfest; with each iterance growing in scope and popularity along the way. In COVID times, they launched the “Live at Josh’s House” video series in which bands from Nashville and nearby were invited to play sets (at Josh’s house). Now they’re continuing to commit to that diversity of projects with the launch of another new video series entitled “On Tape.”

According to their Instagram post announcing the endeavor the series is exactly as it sounds, shows and performances captured On Tape. The first episode is available now in the form of Kent Osborne at The End, recorded September 4th, 2021 (along with Jhenetics and Jere Bennett). If you’re at all familiar with Osborne’s energy and style, it’s a perfect fit for the small, sweaty confines of The End. The full 20-minute set is an unrelenting outburst of deep bass, trap beats and intense vocal performances. The VHS tape desaturation and quality makes the performance feel timeless. If someone told you this was from 1997, you wouldn’t bat an eye with doubt.

Based on Osborne’s feed, it does seem like he’s primarily relocated to Los Angeles as his homebase but he clearly hasn’t forgotten Nashville as a hotbed of appreciation for what he does. Hopefully he continues to make his way back regularly as this performance is as unique as you could hope for.

There’s no telling what Cold Lunch will release next in the series but “On Tape” is off to a fiery start. Go subscribe on YouTube so you don’t miss it.

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