Call for Contribution

The primary goal of WE OWN THIS TOWN is to showcase the diverse amount of talent that Nashville has to offer. Our podcasts are created by Nashville natives, our reviews focus on local music only and we offer our studio for anyone living in the area that needs to use it. But we don’t want to stop there.

This is an open call for contribution. We want to showcase your creativity and diversity in as many ways as possible. Here are just a few ways we want to hear from you.

  • Submit a Hott Minute Theme Song

    Every episode has a brand new, 15-45 second, theme song done in any style you like. We’ve had contributions from Tower Defense, Little Bandit, Tristen and more! You got a sitcom-y style theme song in you? Get in touch.

  • Hott Minute Bag of Hotties

    Not a musician? Me neither! If there’s a topic – any topic – you want to have the Hott Minute hosts talk about, submit a name to their Bag of Hotties. It’s Easy. Shoot us an email or just drop a text to 240-TAD-HOTT with your idea.

  • Submit Fan/Fiction Art

    Have you heard Season 1 of Fan/Fiction? They’re covering all sorts of crazy fan creations like Bart Simpson meets Akira or Prometheus meets My Little Pony. If you listen to the show and want to visually depict any of these potential aberration, drop them a line.