Behind the Sounds debuts with The Mad Genius, Namir Blade

For weeks now, teasers have been dropping over on Instagram for Behind the Sounds; an enigmatic new show being touted by the likes of AC Noel, Kadeem Phillips, Chuck Indigo, Jamiah, Milly Roze, Jay Monie, Brian Brown and Maya Fiasco… all before the first episode even debuted. In short, lots of hype from notable folks for the upcoming endeavor.

Fortunately, the wait is now over and the first episode is available on YouTube and streaming as a podcast. However you take your media, it’s there. Host Maya Fiasco sits down with Namir Blade to discuss his history of music making and partake in special live performances of “Stay” (from Aphelion’s Traveling Circus), “Angel”, and “The 28 Year Theory.” The entire episode is just under 30 minutes, hitting a real sweet spot of enjoyable content without pressing the attention span too hard.

Future episodes of the show will likely involve some of the names involved with hyping the series before it dropped. Maybe we’ll get an hour long chat with Brian Brown? Maybe Gee Slab will pop in and discuss how he chooses his beats? Maybe (hopefully) Daisha McBride will spin a tale or two. The possibilities are endless but the only way to know is to subscribe and keep up. Follow @watch.bts over on Instagram so you don’t miss out.