Milktooth – Wild Before Our Eyes

Wild Before Our Eyes
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It’s hard being a rock band without a specific niche. You can easily get glossed over by the press because you don’t have some kitschy “hook” to present to the masses. Or you can have a phenomenal band that is made absolutely useless by having a terrible vocalist. So, maybe you’ve not heard the goodness being offered by Milktooth yet? Their full-length Wild Before Our Eyes is a solid rock record. The band makes powerful, growing, anthemic, fist-pumping songs carried by frontman David Condos diverse vocals that manage to never verge out of bounds. It’s one of those records you can put on and enjoy time and time again.

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  • MILKTOOTH will never go out of style. They don’t conform to any social norms musically or lyrically. Davids voice us unlike any other out there, Adam can bang a drum and Zac has amazing guitar skills. The instruments that are used on some songs are never used anymore by other bands and it lends to their unique one of a kind sound. This band doesn’t just entertain, they tell a story and you feel that when they perform….. MILKTOOTH is not just a band , they are story tellers

    Tue October 30, 2012 at 1:23 pm