This Is The Place

Hosts Mickey Parks and Matt Meeks discuss the ever growing bar and restaurant scene in Nashville, TN.

Inaugural Neighborhood Dive Bar Tour

PART ONE of a multi-part series that we plan to revisit from time to time: the best of Neighborhood Bars (also known as "Dive Bars" - if you're feeling a bit derogatory).
Posted: Tue November 20, 2018

Bastion: Upholding Particular Principles

Matt and Mickey take us through the full dining experience at Strategic Hospitality's Bastion, tucked away in Wedgewood Houston.
Posted: Tue November 6, 2018

8: Artisanal Toast, It’s A Thing

With the release of the Nashville Scene Best of 2018 Issue, Mickey and Matt size up the Critic's and Audience Picks.
Posted: Tue October 23, 2018

7: Playing Q-Bert, Listening to Abracadabra

Matt and Mickey wade into dangerous territory by daring to discuss preferred pizza types.
Posted: Thu October 11, 2018

6: A Reason to Show Up and Go

The duo spends a great deal of time talking about the superb experiences they've had at Greko, Tempo, the new Tailgate Brewery location and the latest Tandy Wilson undertaking [...]
Posted: Tue September 25, 2018

5: A Brioche Flashback to your Childhood

In just under 30 minutes, Matt and Mickey share the perfect combo of beer related products from Village Pub and high praise for East Park Donuts and Coffee, Americano Coffee [...]
Posted: Tue September 11, 2018

A Glossary of Flavors (with Jeremiah Blake)

Mickey and Matt welcome Jeremiah Blake of The Green Hour for a lengthy discussion on bars, etiquette and Waterworld.
Posted: Tue August 28, 2018

Slug Burger 101

A delightfully insightful take on the World War 1 Slug Burger (not what you think) and trips to The Henley, El Fuego, Emmy Squared and Pearl Diver.
Posted: Tue August 14, 2018


Matt and Mickey take on Burger Week with mixed results and then tackle the oft-maligned Downtown scene with surprisingly pleasant results.
Posted: Tue July 31, 2018

The Sound of a Thousand Knives Dropping

In this debut episode, hosts Mickey Parks and Matt Meeks lay the groundwork for discussing food and drink in Nashville.
Posted: Tue July 17, 2018


Here’s a little teaser of the first episode of our brand new bar and restaurant podcast, This Is The Place. Hosts Mickey Parks and Matt Meeks introduce the idea of the [...]
Posted: Sun July 15, 2018