Volume 50 (Best of 2011)

One thing is for sure, Nashville has absolutely no shortage of great musical offerings well outside the Music Row realm. Granted, ole WOTT didn’t have quite as many actual podcasts as there were months in the year but I’d like to say we covered a good deal of the highlights from the last twelve months. But how do you boil down an entire year of releases into one comprehensive package? Unfortunately, you can’t.

The likes of The Ettes, Sugar Sk*_*lls, Kyle Andrews, Heypenny, By Lightning, Southern and many others all had superbly quality releases this year that everyone should spend time with. They are not, however, included in this mix. Being entirely comprehensive just isn’t possible. Their exclusion is not derived from a lack of enjoyment.

Other bands exist outside the scope of what We Own This Town is trying to expose. While I love The Black Keys as much as the next person, they don’t exactly need our help getting their name out there. Or someone like Jonny Corndawg, who put out a phenomenal record with Down on the Bikini Line, doesn’t actually live here anymore; so is ineligible.

Long story short, I hate that I was unable to include everything great from the last year. I am endlessly proud of the diversity of music that Nashville creates and wish there was a way for everyone to hear everything great; its just not practical. Despite that, I’ve compiled an hour and half of some of the most enjoyable tunes, to me, officially released in 2011 in these United States. Please enjoy.


  • TobintheGnome says:

    Have you given thought to distributing this as individual mp3’s compiled in a zip file? It would make keeping track of songs/artists easier.

  • mm yewknee says:

    Tobin, yea, I agree – individual mp3 zip’s are great but I think artists /labels / etc tend to be a little more OK with posting this sort of thing when it’s all clumped into one mp3.

    That being said, its not like most of these artists are backed by Warner Bros and going to come after me so, potentially for 2012, I’ll start distributing a zip.

    If you want a zip of this particular mix – let me know and I’ll throw it up online for ya.

  • Nichole says:

    Um…..Jonny Corndawg still lives here. For the record. Is it because he’s on tour?? Most of those artists tour just as much, if not more than him…..

  • mm yewknee says:

    Nichole, I was put under the impression by multiple people that he had moved away to Brooklyn for the time being. I’d be happy to be wrong.