Volume 60: 2012 Retrospective


Let’s get two things out of the way. First, I realize it’s late into January 2013 and, thus, a compilation regarding music from 2012 seems a bit behind schedule. This is undebatable. Secondly, it’s dishonest, disingenuous and distasteful to call this a ‘Best Of’ as I have in years past. There’s just far too much music coming out of our fair region to be able to put an entire year’s worth of it into a single, listenable, stream. With that in mind, we’re calling this a ‘2012 Retrospective’ – there’s some serious oversights and questionable choices but it represents a portion of the last year. That’s all we’re going for here.

Excuses and preambles aside, I think it’s a fine hour and a half listen. My apologies to all the bands that were left out (JEFF, Reid Magette, Richie, Turbo Fruits, Wild Cub, Umbrella Tree, Ultras S/C, get better, Anchor Thieves, Calicocat, Century Club, Chancellor Warhol, Cherub, Conestyle, Mom&Dad, Shaky Voices, Tower Defense, etc. etc.) but I think you’ll find those that were included to be a fair representation of the diversity of Nashville.

2013 and beyond is only going to get crazier in terms of amount of content. This is a great problem to have.

  • Treekeeper – “Treekeeper Tropicale”
  • By Lightning – “Take a Rest on Me”
  • Mystery Twins – “Lose Control”
  • D Watusi – “Brother & Sister”
  • All Them Witches – “The Urn”
  • Forget Cassettes – “Lady Lazarus”
  • Makeup and Vanity Set – “System Override”
  • Echo Group – “Supra”
  • Truth Clipsy x JOTA ESE – “i’d rather be blind, crippled, and louted”
  • Uncle Skeleton – “Sophisticuffs”
  • Sharpneck – “Albatross”
  • Jessie Baylin – “Love Is Wasted On Lovers”
  • Meadownoise – “Little William”
  • Coupler – “The Valley of Elders”
  • Nahnee Bori – “The Fiery Serf”
  • Penicillin Baby – “Jean Jam”
  • Majestico – “Love is God”
  • PUJOL – “DIY2K”
  • Evan P Donohue – “Wish I was 19”
  • POLY – “Shears”
  • Phantom Farmer – “Resist Not Evil By Force”
  • Tropical Punk – “Take Me To The Party, Baby”
  • Denney and The Jets – “Fun Girls”
  • Scale Model – “Ground”
  • Ponychase – “It’s a Curse”
  • Little Bandit – “Heaven or Hell”