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Wednesday, May. 29, 2013

We Own This Town: Volume 63


I’ve been having a look back through the archive at some of the earlier podcasts and guess what? They had one, maybe two, sentence descriptions. This exposition is ridiculous! You know what the podcast is and what it contains!

  1. Bully – Bully
  2. Ultras S/C – 1417 Roberts Ave
  3. Penicillin Baby – The World’s Not Waiting
  4. Hotpipes – Magic is Everywhere
  5. Bad Cop – Mama Said
  6. NORM – Across the Bow
  7. blackbear – Stormy Weather
  8. Los Colognes – 99 Ways
  9. Blank Range – Same Sun
  10. Kokopeligroso – Moonshadows
  11. Coupler – Kitezh
  12. Hollow Ox – Give me a Light
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