Getting it To Go

It’s a fresh slate for 2021! Matt and Michael talk about many of their positive To Go experiences with a myriad of restaurants in town. Topics include Cafe Roze and Mother’s Ruin bringing the heat for New Year’s Eve carryout, East Side Bahn Mi offering a load of new speciality sandwiches, Roberta’s Pizza pop-up being worth the wait and Zika being a new hidden gem if you know where to look on Instagram. They also dive into full endorsements for BeHive Deli and Toto’s BBQ Express; consistent and reliable To Go spots. Lastly, they say goodbye to Eastland Cafeclosing Jan 23rd – and thank them for their wonderful service to the Nashville restaurant scene.

We pop in some music recommendations for Cicadia Rhythm, Blake Mills Mutable Set and Styrofoam Winos “Stuck in a Musuem.”

If you have suggestions for spots to check out, please reach out to @thisisthaplace on Twitter or Instagram.

Intro Music by Uncle Skeleton, Outro Music by Jay Leo Phillips.

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