This Is The Place

Hosts Mickey Parks and Matt Meeks discuss the ever growing bar and restaurant scene in Nashville, TN.

Matt Meeks

Mickey Parks

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A Blast of Flavor (and Dynamite)

A fast paced smattering of coverage on the likes of Mary’s Old Fashioned Pit BBQ, Monday Night Brewery, Mel’s Overlord, The Vic, Spicy Boys, All People Beverage Hall and more!
Posted: Mon April 4, 2022
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Overwhelmed by Menu Options

Matt and Mickey are denied a visit to a tasty new pizza spot, spend some time in Hillsboro Village, discover a magical happy hour with bagels and take a deep dive into the [...]
Posted: Mon February 28, 2022

The Art of Feng Shui and Spicy Fried Pickles

Matt and Mickey jump right into 2022 with a look at some new local offerings and a deep dive into Noble's Beer Hall.
Posted: Thu February 10, 2022

Deluxe Breakfast Bars

The Dutch, Audrey, Authentik, Etc and a quick note about Shoney's.
Posted: Fri November 19, 2021

The Silent Clanking of a Knife and Fork

Matt and Mickey discuss Big Bad Breakfast, Wendell Smith's, Elegy Coffee, Burger & Co and the Third Man Records Blue Room Bar.
Posted: Thu October 7, 2021

Get There Before It Gets Past You

Kisser, Alebrije, 5th and Broadway
Posted: Fri August 27, 2021

Freewheeling Recommendations and High Controversy

Matt, Mickey and Michael are all together in one room and providing freewheeling recommendations and more than a dash of controversy throughout the episode.
Posted: Fri July 23, 2021

The Oppression of Nashville Hot Chicken Fusion

A fired up conversation about Nashville Hot Chicken Fusion followed by some praise of Mama Yang and Daughter, Clawson’s Seitan, 60 Vines, NVR NVR, Geist and some musical choices.
Posted: Fri May 28, 2021

Words You Don’t Want to Hear Together: Highly Elevated Honky-Tonk

Twelve Thirty Club, Sonny's Patio and Pub, Otto's and a controversial chat on Old Nashville
Posted: Thu April 22, 2021

The Mysterious Allure of Focaccia

Discussions on 5th and Broadway, Epice, St Vito's Focacciaria, Shotgun Willie's, Tailgate Brewery and even Guy Fieri.
Posted: Fri March 19, 2021

All the Patina and Charm You Need

Mickey Parks returns to discuss WNXP and a lengthy list of worthwhile destinations from all over the city.
Posted: Thu February 18, 2021

Getting it To Go

BeHive Deli, Toto's BBQ Express, Eastland Cafe, Roberta's Pizza, East Side Bahn Mi, safety in pods and loads more.
Posted: Fri January 22, 2021
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