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Exciting announcement! The Mom Cult Mother’s Day Dinner will be Sunday, May 21st. In partnership with Molly Martin of Juniper Green Kitchen at her gorgeous new location in Bell’s Bend, you are invited! Real moms. Real talk. Real tasty. RSVP info available here.

Elementary school principal and mother of three, Kellee Akers, sits down with Joy and Sarah to share her method of madness when it comes to caring for so many young people at one time. She talks about how soap operas influenced her career choice, how she never really planned on having kids and how she has always struggled to rest. That’s just the tip of the iceberg so don’t miss this one.

About our guest: Kellee’s a 25 year urban public school educator, currently an elementary school principal, mother of three teenagers, and married to Richard for a long time. She’s been renovating an old house for 20 years, trying to be a gardner, and in a constant war with dirty dishes and laundry. She’s still trying to have it all and look fab doing it. Her animals are naughty and so are her kids sometimes. She believes balance is a knob on the radio. Kellee likes the concept of having friends but struggles with the implementation. Hobbies and “me time” are aspirational at this point.

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The Momcult Podcast
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Real moms. Real talk. Real tired.