“It’s OK to not be OK” (Part 2)

Sarah’s had parent-teacher conferences, Joy is recovering from Halloween week and Jessie shares the struggle of finding self-care, re-navigating discipline and not wanting to be seen as a victim.

Jessie Busbee is a full time single/widowed mother of 3 amazing, spunky girls ages 11, 8, and 4. She currently owns and works with her late husband’s publishing company, Altadena, and has found a recent passion in real estate investments. A year after losing her husband to brain cancer, she chose to relocate from their home in Los Angeles to Nashville. They have loved living here and continue to be blown away by the love and support they have felt in their neighborhood of Inglewood and the music community at large. Her grief and trauma have shaped and grown me in ways that she could never have imagined…It is a journey that is leading her to explore new and old passions that were ultimately laid down as she entered her marriage and the season of motherhood. She is excited to continue growing in her own creative endeavors and giving her time to many non profit organizations here in Nashville.

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