Kids Today (feat. Dru the Drifter)

Do you ever wonder what has and hasn’t changed in the punk DIY community in the last 30 years? To find some answers host Mary Mancini spoke with 17-year-old Dru the Drifter who does it all – he writes and performs, books shows, and records and releases his own music. We talk about his musical influences, his struggle to find places to play, his songwriting process, how living in the bible belt fuels the punk rock scene, and his goal to release 100 albums by the time he’s 27.

Dru the Drifter has released three albums (41 songs) in 2021 and almost an album a month so far in 2022 (92 songs). His goal is to release 100 albums by the time he’s 27 and never have to make another sandwich at Jersey Mike’s again.

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Show Notes

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Lambchop – “So I Hear You’re Moving (Intro)
Dru the Drifter – “Why’re You Talking Shit
Dru the Drifter – “The Shampoo Song
Dru the Drifter – “I Don’t Wanna Take My Meds
Schizos – “Come Back With A Warrant

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