Fun Girls From Mt. Pilot, feat. Cat, Chris, Donnie & Troy

There is no other band more legendary or more inextricably linked to Lucy’s than the Fun Girls From Mt. Pilot. Chris Fox, Troy Pigue, Charles “Cat” Tidball, and Donnie Kendall dressed in women’s clothes when they played, which caught people’s attention, but it was their songs – short bursts of frenetic pop-punk energy and clever lyrics – and their “mind-blowing” stage antics that earned them a devoted following.

To really understand how incredible they were you have to talk to the people who were at their shows. They say things like “mind-blowing,” “transformative,” “the s**t” and “the Fun Girls changed my life.”

In this episode we cover the band names that could have been, what happens when you ask a highly skilled drummer to join a band with “the worst guitar player he’ll ever play with,” shopping for their outfits, the award winning box set, why they’re hated in a couple places in the southeast, and of course their onstage antics, including the infamous 328 Performance Hall show (think confetti, flying toast, a fake security guy, 2 french maids, and a couple of dancing donut-eating stripper cops who ended up rolling around on stage in their underwear). The best.

Show Notes

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Fun Girls – “Hold a Grudge
Fun Girls – “Your Girlfriend Hates Me
Fun Girls – “Monkey Flips
Fun Girls From Mt. Pilot – “Billy Dee Williams
Fun Girls – “Janelle’s At the Mall
Fun Girls – “Rocketcycle

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