Listener Q&A

In this minisode, Kim Baldwin sits down with Mary Katherine Rooker and Michael Eades to answer listener questions about Ladyland. As Ladyland’s producer, Mary Katherine explains her role and how she makes the conversation sound the best it can. Michael owns We Own This Town, the network that brings you Ladyland, and oversees the whole shebang, from sound editing to asset management.

Join us for a conversation about how Ladyland guests get it done, how long each episode takes, and a surprise rapid fire with Kim and Mary Katherine.

Learn more about We Own This Town and get started recording your own podcast here. Read Kim’s blog post, So You Want To Start A Podcast (in Nashville), here.

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Kim Baldwin / We Own This Town

Join Kim Baldwin as she interviews women from all walks of life and different backgrounds. Funny at times, serious at times but always honest. This is Ladyland.