Now You Know Tennessee Educators Association

The Tennessee Educators Association (TEA) is an organization that works to advance public education by advocating for educators and students across the entire state of TN. In this episode, Mary Mancini sits down with Beth Brown – a career teacher, education advocate and President of the TEA. Brown has keen insight on the problems facing schools in both rural and urban districts (spoiler alert: they’re the same problems).

The issues facing our school systems are complicated and widespread. Mancini and Brown touch on everything from underfunded teachers, to student trauma to the ESA Vouchers Program (a controversial bill that sends taxpayer dollars to parents to remove their children from public schools).

Hosted by Mary Mancini
Produced by Emily Cupples and TNDP
Distributed by We Own This Town

Tennessee Educators Association President Beth Brown
Twitter: @TEA_Teachers
Instagram: @TEA_Teachers

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