How Do We Do This? (Make a Living in the Arts) Happy Hour Live with Alanna Royale & Megan Loveless

Recorded live on March 2nd at Vinyl Tap in Nashville, TN; Devalued is joined by Alanna Royale and Megan Loveless to discuss how they’ve navigated their way to making a living in the arts. Royale is a critically acclaimed R&B performer that has released a number of albums and singles that you really should wrap your ears around. Loveless runs booking and promotions for Third Man Records Blue Room, as well as curates To-Go Records releases, Nashville Show To-Go menu and the INOXIA photo magazine. Both bring keen insights into navigating the creative arts scene and still be able to make a living. We thank them for their time and can’t wait to hear what both do next.

Thanks to everyone that came out and to Avondale Brewing for the sponsorship. Devalued Happy Hour will happen again in Spring 2023; stay tuned.

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