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Kid Millions: What is Success?

Kid Millions (Oneida) talks about the irony laced into the title of his bands’ new record, the reality of being in a celebrated indie rock band, what drives him creatively and [...]
Posted: Thu January 26, 2023
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New Year’s Resolutions

The one where the Devalued gang reflect on where the small but mighty Devalued show has been and where it’s going next.
Posted: Tue January 10, 2023

Does Anybody Make It Anymore? Happy Hour Live with Lilly Hiatt and John P Strohm

Lilly Hiatt and John P Strohm join for the first ever Devalued Live Happy Hour.
Posted: Thu December 22, 2022

Suzanne Ciani: Everything Comes in Waves

Visionary of electronic music, Suzanne Ciani, joins for a chat about what it's like to stay true to your art even when it gets lonely, why originality matters, and why you [...]
Posted: Wed November 30, 2022

Up With People with Kurt Wagner and Mary Mancini

Kurt Wagner (Lambchop) and Mary Mancini (Lucy's Record Shop) open up about the intersection of art and politics, why society should take care of its artists, and why it’s [...]
Posted: Tue November 15, 2022

Anything Could Happen with David Kilgour

New Zealand artist David Kilgour opens up about his decades long journey in the music industry and how he's navigated the music industry along the way.
Posted: Tue October 18, 2022

The Muse Won’t Pay Your Bills with Steve Albini

Legendary recording engineer Steve Albini joins Devalued for a chat about the difficult relationship between art and money.
Posted: Tue September 20, 2022

There’s No Blueprint with Namir Blade & Gee Slab

Namir Blade & Gee Slab open up about how to stay true to your art while carving out a successful path in independent music.
Posted: Tue September 6, 2022

How to be Uncompromising with Sonic Boom

Sonic Boom, aka Pete Kember, sits down with Devalued and reminds us to be uncompromising in the pursuit of creativity.
Posted: Tue August 23, 2022

What Is Making It? with Tristen & Liza Anne

Tristen and Liza Anne join for an in-depth chat about the myriad of hurdles facing musicians in our modern age.
Posted: Tue August 9, 2022

Be Good To Your Venue

Devalued sits down with the talent bookers for The Basement and The East Room to figure out how to build the sustainable ecosystem of venues and artists.
Posted: Tue July 19, 2022

Is Music Free? A Discussion with Damon Krukowski

Damon Krukowski joins Devalued to discuss the fallacy of streaming services, misleading industry news and how artists rights are truly a political issue.
Posted: Tue July 5, 2022
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