Your Gaze – “Underground”

Personally speaking, there are certain genres of music that I’m a complete sucker for. It doesn’t matter if it’s a DIY bedroom recording or an ultra-slick studio recording, if it sticks the landing on the tropes of a particular style, I’m in. To follow on that idea, it seems that shoegaze outfit Your Gaze has really got me figured out.

The latest offering, a single entitled “Underground“, is taken from a compilation called Out of the Darkness that donates all proceeds to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention. There’s plenty of other like-minded songs on the comp ranging from psychedelic garage rock to fully ambient to modern psych rock but Your Gaze finds the center of the Venn Diagram and locks it in with “Underground.” It ticks all the boxes with it’s underwater production sound, it’s warbly guitar, it’s reverb’ed to hell-and-back vocals and growing wall of sound.

Last we heard from Your Gaze was back in December of 2018 with a cover of Dinosaur Jr (for the same compilation outfit no less) and I’m hoping this drip of random singles is a hint at a larger full release on the horizon. I’d be a sucker for it.