Yon Ort – Yon Ort EP

Back in September we heard the debut single from Yon Ort, aka Eric Wilson. The track, “What You Feel”, is a mellow groove mixed with psychedelic vocals with lyrics proclaiming that our reality is not reality at all. It’s some heavy subject matter for a pop song but that disparity is exactly what makes it work so well.

The full EP supporting that track is now available for your enjoyment. The remainder of tracks don’t tackle our futility in the same way but there is a rather clever persistence of pondering our place in the world and trying to know the unknown. If lyrics aren’t your thing, rest assured that there’s plenty of thick bass lines, rolling guitars, swirling keyboards and creative vocal takes throughout.

It’s a highly successful first release as it keeps it interesting from start to finish. Picking a favorite isn’t easy but with just five tracks, thankfully you don’t have to.