Vera Bloom – “Eyes on You”

Listening to, “Eyes on You“, the latest single from Vera Bloom, it becomes abundantly clear that whatever recipe was used to concoct this song, it’s the one that should be embraced moving forward. The track takes a subtle turn from summer pop song into full fledged rock explosion without missing a beat – to call it “unfurling” would be doing it an injustice. At it’s apex of intensity, Bloom’s vocal delivery has the familiar snarl of Heart or Joan Jett. If that sounds like a lazy comparison, just listen to the actual track, she’s soaring.

The catalog of Bloom’s releases have all been quality but this one is the most anthemic. This one you’re going to grip a tight fist in solidarity. You’re going to see it live and scream along. You’re going to pay attention and put this in your Best of Summer rotation, without hesitation.