Various Artists – Spooky Sound FX

Back in 2014, Transylvania Tapes released a compilation of “Nashville area bands and musicians performing spooky songs” entitled Spooky Sound FX. The thirteen track compilation manages to cover a lot of ground stylistically, ranging from Misfits style rawk with a barked chorus (Bang Boys) to hypnotic electronic beats with a spoopy vibe (Bee Pee) to instrumental goth that sounds like a Cure b-side (The Urns). A little Halloween variety makes for a much more rewarding listen.

Of the bands listed here, three (Wild Minds, Boo Dudes, Western Medication) are recognizable. This may be a sign that band turnover in the Nashville area has become a problem in the last four years or several of these “bands” were just made up for the purposes of contributing to this compilation. I’ve searched around for more tracks from “Bee Pee” and come up short.

More compilations of this style should exist and this compilation should be a template for 2019 to make it happen again.