V to Z – “Daughters of Decay”

V to Z is the pseudonym of Joshua Moore; a staple of the Nashville & Murfreesboro rock scenes likely most known for his drum work in The Katies, Imagined Order, Bright Age, The Jane Shermans and Wax Fang. You’ve likely seen him play and it was likely bombastic. His work as V to Z is informed by decades of rhythmic explosions but decidedly more nuanced and fleshed out than just “drummer making solo music.”

The latest release from the project, “Daughters of Decay“, is a compelling tune that fits in perfectly with Fall / Halloween vibes. It’s a dash of spooky keyboards, a bit of haunting ambiance and a surprising amount of melancholy. It’s not a stretch to feel that parts of the track evoke the 1999 soundtrack for The Virgin Suicides by AIR, though Moore manages to twist and bend that mournful feeling into some much more doom and gloom as the track progresses.

Generally, V to Z tends to release a single song at a time. This may be due to time constraints, an abundance of ideas or a marketing technique. There’s no right way to release music but with “Daughters of Decay” it’s become clear that a larger compiled release would be a welcomed treat into this world. In the meantime, we’ll just play this one on repeat.

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