Thunder Lily – “Wild Eyes”

Have you ever heard a song that was so instantly infectious you thought, “Well, this is so good it must be a cover?” The latest from Thunder Lily, entitled “Wild Eyes“, struck me in exactly that way. I trust the songwriting credits to Steven Mullan and Angela Lauer to be accurate and worthy of solid praise for the ear worm they’ve created.

If you’re a fan of Hot Chip or their ilk, this will definitely be up your alley. The combination of swirling keyboards, thick bass, easy-to-dance-to beat and mesmerizing vocals calls back to a personal favorite but only in terms of genre classification and possible sources of inspiration. I mean, there’s even very subtle handclaps and snaps – completely ready for your sweaty body to bop along to.

The band has released a total of three tracks this year, each one ceremoniously unveiled during a Full Moon. You can hear January’s “Don’t Stop the Beat” and February’s “Here, Now” but you’re gonna wanna start with “Wild Eyes” – as you likely won’t be able to unglue yourself from smacking the repeat button right away.