Thee Kave Crickets – Easily Excited!

Synthesis is hard. An artist will inevitably be influenced by the music they consume; from how to layer harmonies or how to intensify feedback, Everything is a Remix. The real trick is to take those influences and synthesize them into something new. With Easily Excited!, the debut from Thee Kave Crickets, there’s an instantly recognizable vibe to the work being presented but it’s not a derivative pastiche of sounds. Tracks like “Too Much Love” feel reminiscent of the Elephant 6 collective, title track “Easily Excited” has a Ominous 60’s Jangle and “One That Stays” is 80s Sax Powerballad through a Phil Spector lens. And therein lies the appeal of Thee Kave Crickets; you can pluck familiar and comfortable references for each of these tracks but none of them fit nicely into a mold for any one specific things. They’ve managed to find the right balance of each of ingredient in their particular recipe for a rather tasty treat; aurally speaking. Easily Excited! is a delightful romp, a grinning dance party and freshly familiar good time. Hard to ask for more than that.