Thad Kopec & Cale Tyson – “Fade Me Away”

“Fade Me Away” is a new track from Thad Kopec and Cale Tyson taken from a forthcoming collaborative EP entitled Who Hurt You. Now, Tyson has relocated from Nashville to the Los Angeles area, so including this track here may seem like a bit of a stretch but given the enjoyability here, we’re going to bend on our own self-imposed rules.

From various write-ups on the record, Tyson explains the recording and creation process:

“This EP was recorded at Thad’s house. After Thad remixed ‘What Doesn’t Kill You,’ I knew I wanted to work with him on new material. We met up and decided that we’d start recording an album in a month. I figured I’d be able to write enough songs for the album in a month (foolishly) and came to the first session with absolutely no songs. So we decided we’d just meet up and make songs out of nowhere, usually extremely hungover. We spent 5 days on these 5 songs and each wrote and recorded the lyrics separately.”

The EP features two tracks with Kopec on lead vocals, hence the note about the lyrics being separate endeavors.

We Own This Town rules aside, the melancholy of the song is soothing and, if you’re familiar with each individual musicians style, the collaborative is clear. There are flourishes through the song that clearly nod to prior works from each and they gel together perfectly.

The entire EP will be available on September 20th, keep an eye out.