Telefones – “Castlefactory”

My first introduction to Telefones was their “Bad Machine / Chicago” split that they released back in October of 2016. The “Chicago” track caught my ear as a particularly compelling slow-burn of a spaced-out musing with a helluva explosive release near the end. It’s that explosive release that best captures the bands mission.

The newest release is the track “Castlefactory“, one half of a forthcoming split 7” coming out on Banana Tapes and Cold Lunch Recordings. There’s no slow burn present here as the band comes right out of the gate with steady pace of swelling bass lines, crunchy garage guitars and howling vocals. The song only maintains the intensity through the duration, capping out right under 3 minutes.

Releasing a series of singles is a great way to record a little and build an audience but I’m ready for a full onslaught of an album from these guys. A full 11 tracks of high energy swagger would do me right.