Sundaes – “Pretty Wife”

The official video for Sundaes latest release, “Pretty Wife“, showcases a snow-filled landscape of choreographed dance (courtesy of Amanda Hameline) overlaid with dreamy splashes of color and sparkling outfits.

It’s a visual spectacle but the real reward here is the song itself. The plodding bass line, textured keyboards and touches of guitar feel directly influenced by the likes of Depeche Mode and The Cure, from their heyday. That’s not to set your expectations inappropriately but it gives you an idea of the influence seeping through. The whispered vocals augmented by the occasional vocoder are an excellent delivery method for a message that’s either a hopeful prayer or a subtly depraved desire. Maybe both.

The track is also available on Bandcamp and Spotify, should you want to partake in it outside of Youtube.