Sundaes – “Anyway”

If you were to look at the streaming profile of Sundaes, you may (understandably) assume that their body of work only goes as far back as 2022. Looking at their Bandcamp, you can see that this is untrue! They’ve been releasing music since at least 2017. Curating your profile on a given platform isn’t a bad idea (no shade to Sundaes for being selective with their own work) but it is unfortunate not to have the full context for new work as it is released.

The latest track, “Anyway,” is the lead single from a forthcoming album entitled call me when you get there. It’s a mixture of twinkling slowcore guitars, breathy and hushed vocals, layers of flourishes and, most importantly, a heartfelt refrain. That refrain ebbs and flows between feeling like an emotional release and a panged inner monologue. The song lets itself expand and wander; after listening to it a handful of times I already find myself wanting a ten minute version.

Stylistically, we’ll have to wait to see what call me when you get there has in store for us but looking at Sundae’s history, it’s likely to be a surprising evolution. Every release along – from the crooning original EP, the dance-y, vocoder driven, Volume 1 or the country-twinged dream pop of Boys Who Made Me Cry – has delivered diverse sonic explorations and vulnerable lyricism. Looking forward to more.