Stereo Specter – “Obsolete Man”

Stereo Specter has been releasing a handful of singles over the past few months that should not be overlooked. The latest, “Obsolete Man“, is a great place to dive in. It’s an upbeat number decrying a relationship in which the narrator was deemed obsolete and is now triumphantly trying to prove his worth; a feeling that we’re all likely able to empathize with.

I’m told that there’s a full EP, or possibly album, on the horizon of these new songs. They’re all culled from a new outlook on the general Stereo Specter sound embracing a bit more pop sensibilities. The pounding drums and swirling keyboards are a nice indication of where things are headed for the band and I’m looking forward to more.

Catch the band at The 5 Spot on July 10th (2019) as they try their hand at winning a spot at this years Pilgrimage Fest and check them out on the streaming services if you’d like to keep up with new releases.