Sockhat – DGLPII

First, a little background. Sockhat is more of a label than it is a band and it’s more a demo testing ground than it is a place for official releases. It’s a little murky but releases from Sockhat are works-in-progress.

In respect of that, these DGLPII recordings are demo’s for the second Dialup Ghost LP – hence the acronym’ed title. This is a similar occurrence to the original Dialup Ghost demos that eventually became the full-fledged release, I’m Fine, I’m Fine. It’s unclear why Sockhat shares these demos but it’s a fascinating process to be able to reference these rough versions in comparison to the polished final versions. Maybe that’s exactly the point.

Aside from the curious fascination that comes with hearing a band work through their songwriting process in public, there’s some real gems in here. I implore anyone reading this to listen to “If You Find Heaven” as the Daniel Johnston vibe is so strong I was convinced it was a cover. Google set me straight. The track was also included in a DG single but it’s nice to see that the band hasn’t forgotten about it.