Slush – “My Woman Kinda”

The team at To-Go Records announced that they’ll be releasing the self-titled EP from newcomer Slush at the end of the month. The first track from that offering, “My Woman Kinda,” is now streaming on Bandcamp.

The immediately grabbing preview track gives an excellent representation of the Slush sound; a psychedelic fusion of languid vocals, upbeat drums and shimmering guitars. If you hear a mild Tame Impala influence, you’d be correct. Slush tells us that he “learned drums from listening to Kevin (Parker) in all his projects” and that certainly shines through.

“My Woman Kinda” also does a great job of traversing multiple genres. There’s certainly a shoegaze influence here but there’s strong vibes of pop, acid rock and a touch of ambient at work as well. It’s only one track but more than enough to be excited for the full release later in the month.