slush – EP

Stumbling upon this EP from Slush the day after seeing Tame Impala play could not have been more impeccable timing. While the two are certainly unique and enjoyable in their own right, they both scratch a similar itch.

There are elements of shoegaze and psych abound in this 21-minute debut that strike a great balance between the energetic and catchy (“The Less You Do The More You Win“), the quietly subdued (“Precoitus“) and a floaty immersion (“Seriously“). It’s easy to imagine a backdrop of swirling visuals to accompany any piece of this.

The comparison to Tame Impala is a lazy reference but there’s clearly a similar approach to taking from several niche genres and combining them into a new, streamlined, version of itself. Slush is on to something and this EP should go into your rotation stat.