Shaboi – Curse Walk

Truth be told, we’ve posted a review of Curse Walk the past four years and the album itself celebrated it’s ten year anniversary this year. The reason for this repeated critique is that this sole release from Shaboi has stood the test of time in a way that deserves recognition. Sure, when you put out a Halloween themed album you’re really only subject to critical listening during one month of the year but the fact that these songs haven’t worn themselves out even during a 31-day rotation is impressive.

Aside from the small window of listening time, the perseverance of Curse Walk is in part due to two primary factors. First, the lyrics of the songs don’t dwell on anything the least bit current or of the moment. Songs may get as specific as mentioning “The Gulch” but even that could be generic depending on where you live. Secondly, the album refuses to let itself be categorized into a particular genre. There are a hand full of hip-hop tracks, some country ballads and some Ghostbuster-inspired instrumentals. This eclecticism would likely be harmful for a non-Halloween artist but it’s precisely what makes Curse Walk work best.

Year over year, different songs stand out depending on where you, the listener, are at. Personally, the first few years I sat with this album I couldn’t wait to replay “Transylvania `88”, the Castlevania sampling rap song filled with hilarious voices but these days I find myself beaming with delight for “All Saints Day” – the R&B ballad sung from a lonesome ghost.

The short run time (sub 30 minutes), intentionally funny lyrics and nods to other musical genres (see the “Aw Yeah!” Run DMC nod in “Undead Headcheck”) all contribute to what is, without hesitation, Nashville’s finest Halloween album.

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